About AmeriCorps Alums
AmeriCorps Alums are a community of experienced volunteer leaders who share a commitment to a vision of a more perfect America. We are a national network of over half a million alumni of AmeriCorps National Service Members (including *NCCC, VISTA and pre-AmeriCorps VISTA).

Nationally, as the premiere national service alumni organization AmeriCorps Alums are uniquely positioned to be on the cutting edge of the civic leadership community. Our vision is that the lifetime engagement of alumni is a transformational force for change in America’s communities.
This blog is an online community for Connecticut-based AmeriCorps service members past and present to connect, share projects and stories other important information. AmeriCorps Alums Connecticut currently has over 280 registered members.

For more information contact us at connecticut@americorpsalums.org
Our Mission
AmeriCorps Alums Connecticut is a community for AmeriCorps service members past and present to connect to opportunities for service, advocacy, AmeriCorps Alums-specific benefits, to make professional and personal connections, and a forum to share service stories and continue to “Get Things Done” for Connecticut and the nation.