Nov 19, 2016

A mea culpa and a promise - we're still here!

We need to be honest - this past six months we have struggled a bit to keep ourselves focused on the important work of AmeriCorps Alums. Life, the election, and other work responsibilities have gotten us a bit off track.

But we promise - we are still here and as committed as ever to the work of bringing AmeriCorps Alumni and the rest of the National Service family together as we work to make Connecticut a safer, stronger, healthier place for ALL.

We were particularly inspired by the three newest members of our team, AmeriCorps members who have just started their service and who will be joining us this year as InterCorps Council Member Liaisons. You will hear more about these great future leaders soon.

We are also working on strengthening our relationship with the Connecticut Commission on Community Service, as well as with Service Year Alliance - together we know we will be able to do even greater things!

Things seem difficult now, but there is such greatness on the horizon - including our second-annual Barnes and Nobles gift wrapping fundraiser and our annual Crazy Sweater Party! Thank you for sticking by our side and being our partners as we work to get things done!