Nov 22, 2011

More Make a Difference Day Photos

Make A Difference Day!

This past Make a Difference Day AmeriCorps Alums CT was involved in some awesome service projects!

Here are some quantifiables:

Operation Hope
Team 1 - There was a total of 3 trash bags filled with leaves and 2 brown home depot bags full of weeds and any other bad plants found before we added the mulch. 7 1/2 bags of mulch spread.
Team 2 - Our team at Garden Street filled 8 leaf bags from the front and backyard of a two-family duplex.

Hollander House
Number of gazebos stained: 1
Number of residents whose company we enjoyed: 20-30
Number of Allies singing karaoke: 5

Bridgeport Neighborhood Trust - 42 lead assessment surveys completed

Housing Authority
Number of rooms painted: 3 (1 main lobby, 2 bathrooms)
Number of people interacted with at site: 3

Habitat for Humanity
Number of bags of trash collected from the neighborhood: 10
Number of roofing boards marked and lifted up scaffolding and through windows: 40
Number of houses we helped build and beautify: 2

Awesome work team!